Hello world!

This is actually exciting… I know… the World Cup is in it’s second day and a couple matches are “to die for”…. Argentina, Nigeria, and England are on display… still the prospect of getting in my first ever blog is a step in the right direction.

Yesterday however I got my hands, mittens, paws etc on a Bete spider mask, (BSM). .. I can’t describe how excited I felt…. of course that may explain why I went through the Battery Park tunnel in NY for no reason other than I was not paying attention to the GPS.  The funny thing though is that I purchased a BSM#1 last week – however that particular piece is still en route.  This mask

Spider Mask - Bete Tribe

pictured below is quite simply different, and big. The seller, Jeff, had been posting for several months.  I may have offended J by lowballing on the initial offer, but I pointed out that my low offer was a little higher than the going price I paid for BSM#1. Well J took a couple weeks to warm up to the reduced price and initially seemed downright indignant… not returning calls and responding with a less than courteous email, but in person J was straight up decent. Thankfully the transaction went down…  all’s well that ends well and BSM#2 is now in safe hands.

3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Sweettrini says:

    OK so what exactly is a BSM mask for us neophytes. I would buy it cause it looks interesting, but what is it supposed to signify. What country does it come from ? and what tribe? Not all of us admirers are as knowledgable as you, you know. THanks for starting this blog and hope Ill see regular updates as you share your knowledge and artwork. All the best

    • The BSM (Bete Spider Mask).. Bete being the tribe and the mask having the 8 or 9 prongs around the face…. haha I know u google evrything so have fun… I have u pegged as a Fang type aficionado … very abstract but laid back :0)

  2. Mike says:

    Congrats on the site launch, big guy!!! Very cool stuff.

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