Steve, Michael, Ethiopia, and Baseball

Every now and then I go through a day of the terrible threes. Three instances when I get my socks knocked off cause life throws a vicious fastball ,  a wicked curveball, and a silly changeup. Three strikes …. uuuurrrrRRRRRRR OOOUUUT!!!!

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the 70s (E1)

I think I’ll always remember the minute I learned Steve Jobs (1955-2011) died. I was pretty much surfing Yahoo on an Apple MacBookPro when the small “alert” came over. My facebook update read, Steve Jobs.. RIP. A pretty innocuous tribute to the man who put the swag in tech. He was a larger than life visionary, piping at the periphery of my existence, making the world a better place with his mantra of beauty, ease of use, quality performance, and entrepreneurialism. His contribution to the cause of bringing great technology to everyone, has brought changes to the world, that I could never have guessed at when I saw my first picture of Steve and Wozniak with an Apple circuitboard, way back in the 1980s.

Prior to that, I had dinner with several aquaintances and although there were a ton of great takeaways, I admit that I faltered pretty badly (I know right, I’m building up the suspense for the train wreck that’s coming).  In the bible Peter disowned Jesus three times after he was arrested.  I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan and during the “where’s dessert?” phase the conversation shifted to music. To my benefit someone started with the hands down assertion that Michael overshadowed Prince’s entire career.  That pretty much covered it from my corner. The problem was that the conversation shifted to Prince’s musical genius and Michael’s obsession with his appearance. At the end of it all, as I sat quietly by (with that sick look on my face), the consensus was that Michael wanted to look like Diana Ross. Thankfully I was able to temporarily drown my double sorrow in the “Apple crisp and ginger ice-cream” combo that arrived with perfect timing.

Milling dry-process - (E2)

Which brings me to strike one. This is the drizzle that turned into the rainstorm on 090511. We’re just polishing off the appetizers and someone asks the group “where did coffee originate”…. No preamble, just like that…. they dropped the coffee bomb. As the suggestions came in I started feeling uneasy…. Like this was not going to end well… take out China, Europe, India, the Caribbean, and the US, so we’re left with South America, and Africa. To my chagrin, (I was thinking Sierra Leone, coffee and cocoa), I was totally deer-footed  and supported the Mayan suggestion. The best answer of course is Ethiopia…. which I googled after the fact. I read a quote earlier that day that “We are not Africans because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us,” (Chester Higgins, Jnr.).[1] There I sat with the dreadlocks going on and my African consciousness swimming in a mix of American and English History, and I was off by a couple continents.

No sugarcoating the day’s events… won’t even try… the good thing however is that life goes on. Like financial futures, yesterday’s failures are “marked to market” and today the gains and losses start from scratch…. stay in the game, and learn from the mistakes.

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