Goodwill Hunting & Slam Dunks

I stumbled upon an extraordinary explosion of generosity, charity, and volunteerism this weekend. It happened at the Rockaway Community Center (aka Action Center) in support of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The event was organized by Tyson Chandler and his wife Kimberly (Rebound 4 Rockaway), who were ably assisted by their crew (eg. Ashley Barnett & Will), members of their church, Officers at the community center, local volunteers (eg. Sam), and vounteer groups (including New York Cares, Save the Children, and the Red Cross).

Relief Site Layout

Relief Site Layout

The site was organized in the gym, having approximately 12 stations, starting with Bleach and cleaning products on the right, Clifbuilders protein products, through blankets, hot meals (at the center), and warm clothing, sweaters, water, Nestle baby products, and pampers at the left. At the exit participants could also select a “cleaning kit” containing a mop and cleaning supplies, and a “relief box” containing food stuff and dried goods.

Kimberly Chandler with Ashley Burnett

Kimberly Chandler with Ashley Burnett

Kimberly did a great job of keeping things moving, her experience at prior New Orleans (Katrina), efforts coming in handy. The volume of supplies was simply incredible and everyone, ladies included played a huge role in offloading the relief boxes from the trailer and stocking them inside the center. The atmosphere was incredible and the pace frenetic at times but we all did the best we could.

Tyson Chandler manning the Exit station!!

Tyson Chandler manning the Exit station!!

There are a lot of positives and takeaways, but the Knicks played the Wizards on Friday night, with a midday game at the Garden on Sunday, and Tyson found time on Saturday evening to show up and assist. It’s a hard way to build a brand, requiring sacrifices from family, and friends, but it’s the best way. Maybe it’s a sad testament to our society, when sportsmen step up and are readily embraced as role models, but his arrival sent a lift throughout the center, among the volunteers, and rippled to the hundreds of people seeking relief supplies, some of whom had waited in line for FL-voting like  hours. It was simply a fantastic day!!

2 Responses to Goodwill Hunting & Slam Dunks

  1. Debbie says:

    Giving is always better than receiving. Good article.

  2. Thanks Debbie…. so much to do, so little time!!

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