Ogoni, Woodrow Nash, & Canon

Hopefully the picture below literally covers one thousand words (it’s 3:30 am).


Ogoni and Canon

On November 10th 1995 Ken Saro-Wiwa (Ogoni/Nigerian environmental activist, writer) was executed by the Nigerian government. It’s that time of year to check on the progress of the Ogoni, purchase a book on Saro-Wiwa’s writing, and try to make sense of the tragedy that lies in the wake of corruption and greed. The two Ogoni masks shown on my kitchen counter are an Elu and a Karikpo (from left to right).  The ‘karikpo’ is an antelope mask used at the beginning of the farming season in ceremonies honouring the local founding ancestor. The mask is worn by a dancer who incorporates racing and graceful acrobatics into his performance and is accompanied by a dancer wearing an “ugly” mask who behaves in a wild and erratic fashion. I was in the middle of bending wire for mounting the masks, but it’s a noisy business and apartment walls are notoriously thin.

So I changed tack and thought I would take a few pics, but encountered a canon error 01 code. Google and uTube provided the simple solution of ‘CAREFULLY’ passing a clean (read as tee shirt) dry cloth over the lens contact. So the good news is that in the short term i’ve saved about $2,500 (cost of a new camera body) which i can put towards a Woodrow Nash item purchased this past weekend. The piece was loitering on ebay for a couple years but there’s nothing like an online auction to get juices and dollars flowing.


Woodrow Nash

A couple of these and a few pre-Columbian pieces should go a long way in displaying Tribal African Art pieces. My personal preference is a stimulating presentation inviting introspection, contrast, and interest.

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